Glassy Magazine, first edition feature, with love from Shanghai. by esquestudio

We are so honored to have a place in Glassy's first issue.  The Shanghai Museum of Glass is a groundbreaking institution in it's expression of architecture, art and design. 

 Esque images by Boone Speed Photography.

Gray magazine Blog Spot Feature by esquestudio

Image courtesy Esque Studio

Run, don't walk: Esque Studio and Cedar & Moss have collaborated on light fixtures! Wall Candy, one of four new designs created by the Portland-based studios, pairs solid brass and hand-blown opal glass. With more than 8 different colors to choose among, Wall Candy is a pretty sweet way to light up your space. What's your flavor?

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THE CHALKBOARD MAGAZINE: In the studio with Esque Studio by esquestudio

Screenshot 2014-04-15 14.48.54
Screenshot 2014-04-15 14.48.54

Click below to read The Chalkboard Magazine's interview with Andi!

St Patty's Bushmill decanter sale! by esquestudio

Lucky you.  Through this week only, we're offering our limited edition decanter at 25% off! Designed by Geoff McFetridge, produced by Esque, and exclusively for Bushmills. Discount has already been applied to checkout on our shop site (click on link below), and will remain active until March 24th, or until sold out!  Only 15 left.....

photos:  Boone Speed Photography

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