ALTAI and Esque / by Esque Studio

ALTAI  ALTAI is an interdisciplinary design studio focusing on interiors, landscapes and custom and editioned furniture designed, prototyped and fabricated on-site. After years of working for hire on high-profile artist and designer projects in New York, master glassblowers Andi Kovel and Justin Parker moved to Portland, Oregon where they launched Esque, now an acclaimed glassblowing studio and design house. Working with traditional glassblowing methods, Kovel and Parker constantly nudge at the limits of their materials and techniques and use their artistic sensibilities to challenge traditional glass forms. Much of Esque’s work highlights the organic forms that glass lends itself to holding. Wavy surfaces, curved lines, irregular orbs, and woozy lines characterize their pieces, resemblances to liquid frozen in suspended animation often called to mind. Being inherently recyclable, glass is an of-the-moment material, and Esque is at the leading edge of recycling in advanced design, often using discarded glass vessels as the basis for new series of vases, glasses, jars, and other items. Occasionally cheeky and always original, Available at ALTAI, Esque offers a delightful array of functional pieces and objets d’ eyes