You Call That a Vase? The New York Times: Style by Esque Studio

“The forming is a choreographed dance of fire, molten material and movement, and we both know our part of the dance to the point of pure instinct,” Ms. Kovel said.

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Modern magazine: DESIGN Lighting the Way: Glassblowers and the Marriage of Glass and Light By ANNETTE ROSE-SHAPIRO | March 24, 2017 by Esque Studio

Andi Kovel, co-owner with Justin Parker of ESQUE Studio in Portland, Oregon, says “Justin and I met at UrbanGlass, where we taught and worked as artists-for-hire for fine artists and designers.” By the time they moved to Portland and opened their own studio, they were well established with a clientele that recognized their ability to creating high-end custom lighting. See full article here--->

Tubular Chandelier 

Tubular Chandelier 

Glassy Magazine, first edition feature, with love from Shanghai. by Esque Studio

We are so honored to have a place in Glassy's first issue.  The Shanghai Museum of Glass is a groundbreaking institution in it's expression of architecture, art and design. 

 Esque images by Boone Speed Photography.