Modern magazine: DESIGN Lighting the Way: Glassblowers and the Marriage of Glass and Light By ANNETTE ROSE-SHAPIRO | March 24, 2017 by Esque Studio

Andi Kovel, co-owner with Justin Parker of ESQUE Studio in Portland, Oregon, says “Justin and I met at UrbanGlass, where we taught and worked as artists-for-hire for fine artists and designers.” By the time they moved to Portland and opened their own studio, they were well established with a clientele that recognized their ability to creating high-end custom lighting. See full article here--->

Tubular Chandelier 

Tubular Chandelier 



Esque Studio is a result of a 20 year long collaboration between two highly skilled Portland, Oregon based glass artists. The Esque Studio 20 Year Retrospective Exhibition at PDX is a dazzling visual tribute to the innovative contemporary glass art and design crafted by the renowned dynamic duo of Esque Studio, Andi Kovel and Justin Parker. Trained and versed in classic techniques, Andi and Justin produce elegant modern glass work while setting new trends in the art and design worlds. 

The name Esque refers to the suffix meaning “in the manner of”, and is an intentional nod to and acknowledgment of outside influences and inspiration. The vision and ultimate goal of Esque Studio is to “lead the movement of trend by creating new notions in glass by attaching craft to function to fine art, and to break away from the notion of craft as kitsch.”

“The interplay between craft and design has been at the core of the Esque Studio mission and intention from its inception. The two movements are inseparable.  As we hand make each of our objects to order, a deep understanding and mastery of our craft is crucial in realizing our designs. Our objects are meant to be held and used functionally; they are aimed at the design industry and away from the pedestal. There’s a certain pleasure in handling thoughtfully made objects that is indescribable. We’re making art in disguise as design to foster that experience.”

Heath's new Winter 2016 Seasonal Collection......our Dégradé Pitcher in Deep lagoon and bronze exclusive. by Esque Studio

Serving drinks is extra delightful with a handmade glass pitcher from Esque; each one-of-a-kind piece is custom made for our seasonal collection (fade and dimensions vary slightly with each piece). Only available for a short time, but this gem is sure to grace your tables long after winter. Expertly handcrafted and hand blown to order by two veteran artist-designers in their studio, each piece is eccentric and unique, bridging the areas of art, craft, and design. Made in Portland, OR.

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