cedar & Moss + esque   


Colorful Elegance Paired with Iconic Midcentury Reissued

Inspired by the organic hues of nature, this collection combines the etherial beauty of colorful handblown glass shades with the elegant midcentury modern fixtures from Portland based Cedar & Moss. The quality craftsmanship and artisan finishes span from pendants to sconces to compliment any space. When paired with colorful handblown glass shades, the result is a line that is more than just lighting. It is elegance, simplicity, authentic, and true craftsmanship. 

Our vision with this line is that our customers are empowered to create. Play with color and finishes to design pieces that are custom for your space. Each piece is handmade to order and glass shades are hand-blown.  Minor imperfections in fixture finishes and in our glass are inherent in our craft production giving each light vitality and authenticity.