Blown Glass Art, Lighting + Decor

Esque glass is hand blown with a unique vision of modern innovative design, and a fascination with light, movement and magic. 

Inspiration is rooted in our obsession with the etherial properties of glass.  Provocative, experimental, explorative and curious we celebrate the artists hand by highlighting the individuality of each creation. 

Esque is a homage to heritage, tradition and all the masters that have paved the way by mentoring, re-imagining and defining hand blown glass as an individual expression.   


Designers Andi Kovel and Justin Parker create and define Esque Studio as a collaboration rooted in the innovative exploration of glass.  The two met in Brooklyn at Urban Glass where they worked as artists for hire to elite fine artists and designers. Their shared vision and aspiration gave birth to Esque, with the concept of creating modern, functional, concept-based glassware aimed at the design industry and away from the pedestal. For the past 20 years the duo have led a movement in glass by shattering the rules and redefining notions of craft and material associated with their medium.


The duo have risen to international acclaim, most notably by being named part of Time Magazine’s “Design 100", today’s most influential and inspired international designers. They have designed and completed projects for clients including, Donna Karen, Ralph Lauren, The W Hotel,  Nike, Anthropologie, Sephora and Design Within Reach. The process of glassblowing is collaborative in nature and has inspired award winning lines designed with Harry Allen Design, Cedar & Moss and Heath Ceramics.


JUSTIN PARKER is recognized as one of the United States’ most skilled and sought after Gaffers. A protégé glass artist, he is most known for his knowledge and skill in creating larger than life organic and sculptural works. Justin apprenticed under Italian glass maestros in his twenties, with a focus on glass sculpture and blown forms, and applies this history and skill set to each of his designs. Justin is constantly pushing the physical limits of the material, creating new paradigms and standards. Parker is most recognized for his new forms, fearless techniques and original concepts in the field of glass as functional design.

ANDI KOVEL is celebrated internationally as an influential accessory designer and glass blower in addition to exhibiting as a fine artist. Andi's background in sculpture, painting, accessory design, and art theory uniquely equip her to become one of the most original and influential glass artists working today. Her work has been exhibited in galleries and periodicals internationally.  Her trademark punk-lux style of form, function and color have influenced aspiring glass makers worldwide,  Kovel's avant-garde innovations of form and process have won her wide acclaim as a tastemaker of modern design.

A lyrical study of glassblowers Justin Parker and Andi Kovel's (aka Esque's) process, this video nicely compliments the 2007 mini-documentary Cool Hunting made on their studio. With a neat visual effect that makes the glass look hand-colored in an otherwise primarily black-and-white scene, filmmakers Mike Call and Boone Speed show the playfulness and intensity that goes into making their work. Credit for the score goes to Dave Madden of nonnon and our own contributor Russ Lowe stepped in to co-produce.