ESQUE TABLE | Handblown Accessories + Barware  

Esque Studios' line of barware and table accessories are the perfect avant-garde addition to any table or bar. Our line of luxury handcrafted carafes, decanters and stemware add an element of timeless elegance. Each piece is a handblown work of art, signed by the artist.   


decanter esque

Inspired by the late great Dino's Matt Helm film character, this decanter makes a "king of cool" statement. Overtly masculine, tall and heavy with ground glass stopper. Available shapes are vodka, cognac or tequila. Design by Justin Parker.

skull decanter4.jpg

Skull decanter

Drop dead gorgeous!  A solid hand sculpted skull sits on the bottom of this clear decanter. 14" tall. Design by Justin Parker.

Mid-Century Coolade.300dpi.jpg

midcentury coolaid set

Inspired by mid-century factory glass. Think Ken, Barbie and friends….only life-size. Design by Andi Kovel.